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Our Mission

At Insightful Babes we have made it our mission to be a voice with all of the Hustlers, Dreamers, Outsiders, and Visionaries out there.

We strive to show all the Reinas out there that it's time to straighten out their crown and live their life to their highest potential.

Our Vision

To empower, inspire, and help anyone who's not being themselves because of fear, or because of traditional beliefs. We aim to build a community where everyone can feel welcomed and loved, no matter what size, shape or color you are.


Insightful Babes was created back in June 2019 by these two amigas Diana Contreras and Maria Garibay, as a latina owned Brand and Podcast.

Coming from hispanic traditional beliefs, Diana and Maria decided to share their entrepreneurship journey, ups, and downs, inspire, empower, and help others who are not being themselves because of fear, or because of traditional beliefs.

Insightful Babes is an English, Spanish, Spanglish platform for all of the hustlers, the dreamers, the outsiders, and the visionaries out there!


The Founders


Diana Contreras

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Maria Garibay

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