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Zair Montes: Special Guest #ChismeTime☕️ Insightful Babes Blog

Who are you? "I'm Zair Montes, a Venezuelan actress, film producer and writer. I currently live in Los Angeles and I'm also the creative director at our film production company: "Golden Ceiba Productions". Our mission is to create internationally appealing and cinematic content with Latino elements and inclusive of Latinx. We highlight diversity and encourage unification through our stories. We want to contribute to our community by helping break the stereotypes and labels that have been imposed on us."

What's your favorite color? "I love red and blue!"

Why did you choose to be a special guest at Insightful Babes Podcast? "Because Insightful babes is a great platform that serves our community and I identify a lot with the work they do."

What do you expect others to get from your Insightful Babes Podcast special guest episode? "I just want them to enjoy the conversation and realize they have the power to accomplish whatever they want even though it might look difficult or impossible."

Do you have a hobby? (and if so, what is your hobby and why?) "I have many... I love hiking, going to the beach, cooking and dancing."

Name 3 Favorite things to do for Self Care "Workout and meditation every morning, and getting on a jacuzzi hot tub for a relaxing hydromassage."

Name 3 of your favorite Positive Affirmations "Everything is gonna be alright; where you place your attention your energy goes; believe you can and you are halfway there."✨❤️

Which do you prefer Heels, Flats, Sandals, Sneakers, Boots "Sneakers." 👟

What do you like about Insightful Babes? "Their content is original and inspiring without being pretentious. They serve our community and encourage women."💖

What do you love about what you do? "I love acting and films because it lets me connect with people, and touch people's lives in unthinkable ways. I love that it demands your full focus and energy and at the same time it lets you explore your creativity and there is always room to learn and be better at it."

What's your favorite season? "Summer."

Share with us why’d you'd love to connect with other Insightful Babes like yourself: Where can we connect with you?

Because I believe that together we are stronger, and better, so let's meet up babes!!!!!!!! (my IG: @zairmontes , our web:


This special guest episode is now available via Insightful Babes Podcast! Tune in and get to know Zair with las Insightful Babes hosts Diana Contreras + Maria Garibay:


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