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Jhenifer Campos: Special Guest #ChismeTime☕️ Insightful Babes Blog

Who are you? (Quick Bio)

"Hi Im Jhenifer Campos, First Generation Latina, Former Fortune 40 Operations Manager turned stay at home mom and entrepreneur. After having my first child I left my corporate job and found myself lost, depressed, isolated. I forgot who I was. I could manage 300 people any given day but struggled to manage a newborn and maintain a small home. After my second child I decided enough was enough. I wasn't going to quit on myself or my children so I started moving my body and learning how to eat properly. To this day I hear some of my family brag about how they only eat 1 time a day. I hope one day they will come around because our bodies need so much more than that. I have 2 nutrition certificates and have been running fitness and nutrition communities online for 5 years now. I have 3 amazing high energy kids AND last year I got into making custom shirts, trophies and tumblers from time to time. Eventually I'll start a page for that side hustle because it brings me joy also, but Fitness and Food is my where my heart is at. "

What's your favorite color?

"I would have to say shades of Red. Like Hot red if Im going out on a Friday night but usually its Hot pink, vibrant fun and loving life, but if Im feeling mellow I'd say baby pink... Jaja who would have thought favorite colors change with moods."

What do you expect others to get from your special guest episode at Insightful Babes Podcast?

"Inspiration to do a little more of what they love, what they need. Don't put yourself in societies box, and if you are already there it's okay to come out. Be unapologetically you! I hope that listening to my episode gives them the same motivation you feel when you leave the gym. Because if you think of it motivation comes after the workout not before."

Do you have a hobby? (and if so, what is your hobby and why?)

"Working out and Cooking lol Well as a mom of 3 young kids it can feel like I cook all day every day. Instead of letting the cooking take over every spare moment of my life I prefer to buffet style meal prep. This way I can cook and Prep and Wash pots and pans 2 or 3 times a week instead of 7days a week. And I love working out because it helps me destress while also gaining endorphins, definition AND the energy I need to keep up with 3 highly active kids. Turning cooking and working out into hobbies instead of chores really helps bring joy to my life. As much as I love meal prepping I hate scrubbing dishes so meal prepping allows me to not have to scrub every day."

Name 3 Favorite things to do for Self Care

"Audiobooks Working out Hiring a babysitter 😅 Jaja but seriously that last one is amazing!"

Name 3 of your favorite Positive Affirmations

"I Am Worthy, I Am Capable, I Am Fuerte"

Which do you prefer Heels, Flats, Sandals, Sneakers

"Heels for picture (but have sandals ready) But usually my feet don'y see the sun. I keep them laced up in sneakers."

What do you like about Insightful Babes?

"I love that Insightful Babes has made a home for us First Generation Latinas. So often in this Americanized life I feel like awkward Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. My parents are immigrants, Spanish is my first language and I often feel like I cant be the only one that feels awkwardly out of place. While english is my second language the only person I speak with in Spanish on the daily is my mother. I don't know how to explain this very well, but I feel like non hispanics have different ways of connecting and understanding us. Often there is a disconnect from both our Spanish upbringing family and our Americanized family. I'm a hustler and I love it. I love to dream and connect on a deeper level than the rat race. Life is too short. I feel like here at Insightful Babes we Dream Big, we work hard and we strive to Live with Joy. We want to make an impact and still honor ourselves."

What do you love about what you do? (career/job)

"I love that I can help other women feel ALIVE. I love seeing my clients feel comfortable in their own skin. I love to see the friendships bloom and the health issues resolve."

What's your favorite season? "Winter"

Where can we connect with you?

You can find me on Instagram @FOXYFITMOM I also have a Foxyfitmoms account that I plan on growing in the near future. I want to showcase my clients that want to share but are maybe not ready to share on their own platform. Everyones fitness journey is different and maybe their story will help ladies that my story does not. I offer annual fitness and nutrition communities. Twice a year I offer Health Bets. Currently we are finishing up a 6 week health bet (not diet bets because not eating enough is not healthy) I have a 30 Day Health Bet coming up in June. For more information message me on instagram or fill out the form below. Mention that you found me here on Insightful Babies and I'll pay your 30 H.A.M (Hard As a Mother) Buy In when you sign up:


This special guest episode is now available via Insightful Babes Podcast! Tune in and get to know Jhenifer Campos with las Insightful Babes hosts Diana Contreras + Maria Garibay:


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