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How to pick a word for 2022

We've all heard people talking about their "word of the year" and how helpful it has been for them.

First off I might be little late to sharing about this but I also think if you weren't able to get a good head start on January like some people did, there's no shame! Start when you feel emotionally and physically ready. A veces our plans don't go like we would like for them to so we have to learn to pivot ;) So I remember thinking about this a couple of years ago, "how do people pick a word of the year?" "why do they even do this?" "is it like a New Years resolution?" I needed more guidance. It wasn't until maybe 4 years ago that I felt like I should really pick a word myself and go with the flow. I felt like whatever word I picked had to mean so much to me. It had to be something that I was able to hold on to for 365 days and use it to guide me and set the mood for my year. So how did you manage to find your word Diana? you might ask. Well you're in luck my friend because I am going to show 5 easy steps on how to pick your WOTY (word of the year)! Grab your a cute notebook and pen and let's dive in! Step 1: Think about how you want to start off and end your year? Write it down! Visualize everything, your feelings, you meeting your goals, how happy you're going to feel, even your location; get as clear as you possible can. Step 2: Brainstorm on how last year went for you. Write down what you liked, and what you want more of in the new year. Step 3: Look down at your paper and see what words stand out to you and pick 5 words. Step 4: Say those 5 words to yourself, then out loud. Write them down again and pick which one best resonates with you and which one feels right. Step 5: Once you have your very special word, you will carry this word with you for 365 days. It's so important to write it down, if you love post-its like me write it down on a post-it and place it on areas where you can see it daily. I placed mine on my bathroom mirror, Kitchen cabinet, nightstand, work desk and car dashboard. You don't have to do all this but please make sure you keep connected to your word, seeing your word will remind you of why you are choosing it and it will help you get back on track when you need to. Just in case you were wondering amigas, my word for 2022 is "Action." Once I brainstormed and wrote down what I wanted to achieve this year I realized it was the simple fact of taking action. I am a huge dreamer and over thinker, my greatest ideas have all stayed inside my head because I rarely take action. I realized I didn't want to live my life that way anymore. I want to take action and make my dreams come true and fully pursue my purpose. One of the things I realized as well was that my confidence has been at an all time low and I realized that I kept prolonging things I had to do or find excuses to not do them. I kept saying I'll do it I'll be consistent this week or I'll get toned this year but my actions were not showing that. I recently heard that every time you say to yourself that you are going to do something and dont do it you are losing respect for yourself and confidence. To the point that you start giving up on yourself little by little or you even stop setting goals because deep down you know you won't follow through. Please don't do that to yourself, you deserve the best and the world needs you as the best version of yourself. I hope this helps you figure out your WOTY and it inspires you to choose a word and stick to it. I would like to hear your word, please share them! Happy 2022, may all your dreams come true! <3 -Miss Diana

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