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Embracing Being Single - Latinx

"Mija y el novio?", "cuando hay boda?", "Still single?!", "Te vas a quedar solterona", do any of these questions sound familiar to you???


As Latinas (Diana + Maria) we experienced many moments when las tias or amigas would mention the comments above. Can't deny it made us feel a little bit of pressure when we heard those comments, ESPECIALLY when the holidays came around and you were still single.. oh yeah, we had to be ready for all the comentarios lol.

Not long ago we made an Insightful Babes Podcast episode about this topic. It is a topic not many people in the Latino Community ever talk about. We know that for us latinos, family is SUPER IMPORTANTE! And if you are a mujer, tienes que estar lista para casarte y tener familia sin tardarte mucho!

Like seriously, the PRESSURE of dating, and getting MARRIED is REAL in the Latino Community. Is it really possible to actually embrace being single? ( Let us know )

We can agree it's not easy being a single Latina mujer, mainly because of the traditional beliefs our families normally carry with them, it takes guts, focus, self-love to actually break those generational chains of following tradition instead of following your own passion and journey. Pero like, yes, it is possible to EMBRACE being single, and not feel pressured by your amistades. Never ever allow others to interfere with your personal life, remember that it is your CHOICE to be single or not. La gente siempre va a hablar, no matter if you're single or not, therefore allow yourself to live your vida by being yourself and remember que todo a su tiempo. Give yourself permission to love yourself, and be proud of who you are, EMBRACE being single.

Here are some tips on how you may EMBRACE being Single: - Know Your Value - Self-Affirmations - Self Love + Self Care - Commit to Yourself - Strengthen your Friendships - Connect with a likeminded Community - Pick up new Hobbies

feel free to tune in to our "Embrace Being Single" episode

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