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Desiree "Let's Vamonos": Special Guest #ChismeTime☕️ Insightful Babes Blog

Who are you? "I'm a 3rd Gen Mexican-American, even though my Mom was born in San-Luis Potosi, MX but her Mother was born in Texas as well as my Grandfather, Grandmother on my father's side and my Father as well. I call my self an "Original Mex-Tex" haha! I'm the Host & Creator of Let's Vamonos. I also consider myself a 'MOM"preneur, I'm a wife as well, I've been married 14yrs."

What's your favorite color? 'Hmmm, I would have to say Maroonish-red

Why did you choose to be a special guest at Insightful Babes Podcast? "I choose to be on this platform because we need more Latinas supporting each other in our community. We are not going to grow if we don't support each other, we've have been side-lined for many years. Now it's time to play "TEAM" because whether 3rd or 1st Gen I'm here for us all!"

What do you expect others to get from your Insightful Babes Podcast special guest episode? I hope they feel my passion for my community and also the drive to dream big and to not play "small". It's ok to have BIG, WILD, CRAZY DREAMS!

Do you have a hobby? (and if so, what is your hobby and why?) 'So when I was younger it was singing, I actually tried out for American Idol & The Voice." 🎤

Name 3 Favorite things to do for Self Care "Spin Class, Take Naps (lol) & polish my own nails!"

Name 3 of your favorite Positive Affirmations "I am SMART, I am WORTHY, I am UNSTOPPABLE"💖💃🏻

Which do you prefer Heels, Flats, Sandals, Sneakers, Boots "Honestly I hate shoes! I don't mind wearing them but if I had a choice I would be bare foot all the time."

What do you like about Insightful Babes? "I love how motivated and inspiring these 2 ladies are, they always share the best posts and have awesome guests!"

What do you love about what you do? "Since I quit my 9-5, and have become a full time Entrepreneur! I love that I don't have to answer to anyone, for so long I thought that was what my life would be. I always obeyed the authority but it's now to consider myself the authority of my job & career. "

What's your favorite season?

"Summer." ☀️

Share with us why’d you'd love to connect with other Insightful Babes like yourself: Where can we connect with you?

I honestly love people and hearing their 'WHY" and their own personal journeys is inspiring because we are more alike than we are different. IG @letsvamonos, YouTube Let's Vamonos


This special guest episode is now available via Insightful Babes Podcast! Tune in and get to know Desiree with las Insightful Babes hosts Diana Contreras + Maria Garibay:


Want to be a Special Guest? Connect with us HERE.

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