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Benjamin Perez: Special Guest #ChismeTime☕️ Insightful Babes Blog

Who are you? "My name is Benjamín & I am Perez The Advisor. "

What's your favorite color? "Purple, but for the longest I would say black/dark colors because it was expected for men to like them & not purple."

Why did you choose to be a special guest at Insightful Babes Podcast? 'Because María & Diana are AWESOME!! Las comadres! "

What do you expect others to get from your Insightful Babes Podcast special guest episode? "I believe people can find someone who’s authentic & isn’t afraid to be different. I hope that in my episode listeners can connect to me & my story."

Do you have a hobby? (and if so, what is your hobby and why?) "I love to travel, I’ve been to more 12 countries and I still have a lot of places to visit!! I also love going to events [sporting, concerts, movies] - sadly pandemic has put a hold on them."

Name 3 Favorite things to do for Self Care "1. Working out 2. Eating lol 3. Video games "

Name 3 of your favorite Positive Affirmations "1. Querer es poder 2. Yo también puedo 3. Sonríe cuando es difícil"

Which do you prefer Flats, Sandals, Sneakers "Sneakers, I love my Converse, I used to be a Vans fanatic, but that love is lost."

What do you like about Insightful Babes? "I love how it feels like you’re part of the familia, like a family reunion just chilling."

What do you love about what you do? "Empower my Latinx community. I work with students in college. "

What's your favorite season?


Where can we connect with you?

"Y’all can follow me @pereztheadvisor it’s an adventure!! "


This special guest episode is now available via Insightful Babes Podcast! Tune in and get to know Benjamin Perez with las Insightful Babes hosts Diana Contreras + Maria Garibay:


More Episodes: Tune in to Insightful Babes Podcast Want to be a Special Guest? Connect with us HERE.

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