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Are you blocking your blessings?

This year I came to a point in my life where everything I was doing wasn't working out. I didn't know where or how I went wrong. I felt lost and confused with my life. The only thing I wasn't confused about was that I didn't want to feel like this again. I needed to change my mindset and change some habits that were not letting me live to my highest potential.

One day I realized I was the one blocking all of my blessings. At first it was painful, my ego was fighting back I kept victimizing myself. I wanted to stay there because its what felt comfortable to me. I got the strength, lifted my head up and left all that behind. I want to share a couple of things with you that I was doing so you can avoid making the same mistakes I did and have you living to your fullest potential and possibly reminisce with some dichos our parents told us, that I now hold dear to my heart!

1. I was not believing in myself and didn't feel worthy of good things - I would always look at other woman and how amazing they were doing and think to myself "I will never get there, I don't have what they have." But now I switched my mentality to think "If it's possible for her it's possible for me, there's so much goodness in me to share to the world." I sometimes still struggle with this, but its less often now, and I snap out of it right away! It takes time but you can do it. We tend to compare our lives to others especially now with social media, but there is plenty of abundance in the world to go around for everybody, we just gotta believe we deserve some of it as well.

2. I wasn't preparing myself for the things I wanted and prayed for. "El que no prepara Pierde" - This one was huge for me! I kept asking God for things, knowing well that I wasn't even ready for them. See, God knows when to bless us with the things we ask from him, sometimes we think we are ready but in reality we are not. One thing that was happening to me (I am going to share something materialistic) was that I wanted new clothes. My old clothes were not even my style anymore, I had clothes from when I was 22 and a size 2. But I didn't want to let go of them I kept saying one day I'll fit into them again or I had great memories with these clothes. It got to the point were I would go into my closet to try and find something to wear as a 30 year old haha and I would get so frustrated cause nothing fit or looked good anymore. I realized I had to let go of the old to prepare myself for the new things coming my way. It wasn't until after I cleared my closet I started finding clothes that looked good on me and that went more with my new lifestyle. So in other words we have to let go of the old and make room for new blessings. Prepare yourself to receive those blessings. Another example, If you know in your heart you want to be an actress but you just haven't had a chance to star in a movie or show, prepare yourself for it anyways because when that moment comes you will be ready for it, ready for that blessing you've been praying for. 

3. I didn't have a grateful attitude - Ugh this one is super important!! Like I cannnnnnot stress this enough, BE GRATEFUL! When we are grateful we don't have time or energy to compare ourselves to others. We stay focused and grateful for what we have. You radiate happiness and we bring in more of that into our lives. Let's put it this way, you give your kid a toy and they act like a brat and aren't grateful for it, how does that make you feel? Most parents would think "ya mejor ni le doy nada, until they appreciate what they have." God wants to bless us but first we have to appreciate what we have. If you want a new car and you've been praying about it, take care of the car you have right now, keep it clean and maintained. This will show you to take care of what you have right now and when you get the new car you will be super grateful for it and take care if it them same way.

4. I didn't let go - I wanted to do EVERYTHING, I didn't surrender myself completely to God. I still wanted to be in charge. What I realized is that us as normal human beings can do so many things for ourselves but God can make the impossible possible. I was trying to make the impossible possible. It took me a while to understand that I couldn't. Growing up in a Mexican household, most of us have always had to hustle porque is no "Camaron que se duerme se lo lleva la Corriente." As much as I love it and I'm grateful for being raised to work hard for what I want, that hustle mentality can only get you so far. Sometimes we have to surrender ourselves and let God or a higher source that you believe in to take care of us. It's beautiful to feel like you did everything you possibly could and you could let go of the rest and trust that God will protect you and give you what's best for you.

 We all love it when things go our way right? When everything that we want and have dreamt about finally comes our way. I get the chills just thinking about how good that feels. Envision that, feel that feeling deeply. Don't block your blessings, you deserve the best things in life you just have to believe it <3 

-Miss Diana


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