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Abi Espinoza: Special Guest #ChismeTime☕️ Insightful Babes Blog

Who are you?

"I am Abi. The owner and creator behind KnottyAbi. I am also an Army Wife of 12 years and a mother of 2 kiddos! I was born and raised in a small desert in California and now currently living where the Army sends us which is South Korea. I have always had a love for creating things and keeping my hands busy. I found the love for Macrame and started my business during the pandemic. It brought me so much peace and individuality again. I love being a wife and a mother but those huge roles overshadow your every day. Starting my business allowed me to find myself again and gave me my creative outlet. I am a huge advocate for supporting all handcrafted businesses and entrepreneurship!"

What's your favorite color?

Pink! Thats the color I gravitate to over any color! 💖

What do you expect others to get from your Insightful Babes Podcast special guest episode? I hope during my episode the listeners could get a better understanding of all that comes with running a small business and its struggles. In this day where social media is so important learning to celebrate their friends and support them in more ways than one. I would also love to share my story to any listeners who are also in the military and struggle being far away from family. Know that I am right there with you and we can always connect!

Do you have a hobby? (and if so, what is your hobby and why?) Me encanta el chisme!!!!!!!!! Lol totally said this on the episode I recorded with Maria and Diana. I just like to know the tea and get away from the responsibilities of life. Im like a comadre and nosey Tia in training haha. I love chisme from juicy reality tv or phone calls with my mejor amiga." ☕️

What do you like about Insightful Babes?

"Every single episode I am left learning something new or getting introduced to a new topic that gives me a moment to self reflect. I also find so much motivation from a lot of their guest speakers as well as relate to those traditional beliefs! It’s weird to feel like i cant relate to a lot of people but then listen to this podcast and realize “wait a minute” we are so much alike!!! "

What's your favorite season?

"Summer" ☀️

Where can we connect with you?

I love meeting new people and use social media for its purpose…. TO CONNECT! Tell me about your life and your struggles. Let’s chat. Do you own a small business? Let me know! I'll go show your page love and shout it out. We are all in this together!!! You can find me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest all the same username @KNOTTYABI Talk to you soon!!!


This special guest episode is now available via Insightful Babes Podcast! Tune in and get to know Abi Espinoza with las Insightful Babes hosts Diana Contreras + Maria Garibay:


More Episodes: Tune in to Insightful Babes Podcast Want to be a Special Guest? Connect with us HERE.

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