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Meet the Founders
of Insightful Babes


Diana Contreras

Maria Garibay

Insightful Babes was created by these two amigas, Diana Contreras and Maria Garibay. Both of these chicas are from Texas and border town girls. Sharing similar experiences as latinas allowed them to create Insightful Babes, a platform where they'd be able to be a voice with all of the hustlers, dreamers, outsiders, and visionaries. 

Diana Contreras
Founder of Insightful Babes

Diana is a Latina Blogger from El Paso Texas. She loves to help others and hopes to inspire & empower others along her journey. Diana is a mental health advocate and is all about faith, self-love and healing your inner self. 

"Leave a little sparkle everywhere you go"- Diana Contreras

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Maria Garibay
Founder of Insightful Babes

Maria is a Latina Entrepreneur Blogger who's goal is to inspire, motivate, empower others to follow their dreams. Her passion to help others has allowed her to truly follow her dreams, and help others build the life they want by being and loving themselves.
"Let your faith be stronger
than your fear." - Maria Garibay

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