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Cultura Reconnect

Welcome to "Cultura Reconnect" a YouTube and Insightful Babes special series with Co-Founder Maria Garibay.

"Cultura Reconnect" is a special series for any multicultural individuals who wish to experience reconnecting with their cultura and discover their raíces [roots]. Our Co-Founder Maria Garibay is a First-Gen Latina Entrepreneur who decided to reconnect with her Grandfathers [Roberto] (her dad’s father) culture + raíces, as she never got to connect nor learn about his Culture/Traditions because of his sudden death (Maria's father was only 4 years old when he passed away) leaving a huge question mark to all he knew of his cultura + raíces from Veracruz México. These series are meant to inspire & empower other first-gen or multicultural individuals who might be thinking of reconnecting with their cultura, discovering their raíces and have them understand that it's okay to want to learn more of their cultures. 

Are you Multicultural?
Join our First-Gen Latina Entrepreneur + Co-Founder of Insightful Babes Maria Garibay as she shares with us all her very own personal experience reconnecting with her Cultura. 

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